Al Barazi  a.k.a Abarazi, is a visual artist with experience in painting, printmaking, illustration, and graphic design. He was born in Kuwait, studied Printmaking in Syria, lived in the United Arab Emirates and is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

After moving to Canada, he went to Sheridan College, then followed his passion for working in the video game industry. He self-taught himself digital art, 2D concept design, and basic 3D sculpting, rigging, and animation.

In 2014, Al started freelancing. He cooperated with a passionate developer to make 2D/3D video games. Competed at Art Battle and won the battle. He's considered an Art Battle champion. In the same year he displayed his work at the ETA Awards (Emerging Toronto Artists Awards), placed 1st in the Absurd Expression category, and was nominated as top emerging artist for 2014.

In 2015, Al started working as a full-time Graphic Designer. After work, he's either working on freelance projects, enjoying a movie, or playing video games.

For freelance inquiries and commissions feel free to contact him at albarazi@gmail.com