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About Al


Al Barazi, AKA abarazi, is an artist with experience in printmaking, painting, illustration, concept art, and graphic design.

He was born in Kuwait, studied in Syria, lived in the United Arab Emirates and is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Growing up in the middle east influenced his figurative subject, his early paintings were abstract, expressively distorted figures, and brush strokes representing emotional status.

After moving to Canada in 2012, he went to Sheridan college to pursue his art career further.

In 2014, back in Toronto, he was nominated as top Emerging Toronto Artist, and awarded for placing first in the “Absurd Expression” category for his portraits paintings. In the same year he participated in Art Battle and became a champion of Art Battle 182.

In 2016, he started working as a graphic designer for fashion retailers, while collaborating and keeping side projects in motion.

Al loves creativity, he’s very passionate about animated films and video games, he’s dedicated to his work, has an eye for details, continuously learning and always looking for new opportunities.

Al tends to blog every Saturday about his artistic journey where he shares behind-the-scenes sketches, project updates and inspirations. If you’re a fellow artist, an aspiring one, or a passionate person, I do recommend keeping an eye on his blog! You’ll find something you relate to and enjoy at the same time.

When Al’s not working, he enjoys dining out, improv, and classical music. Lots of classical music.


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